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Jenelle Clark

Director of Communications

Jenelle Clark joins us from Nordic Heritage Museum in Ballard, where she led marketing and communications efforts for the organization, including messaging and re-branding initiatives in support of their capital campaign project for a new home. She brings her love of creative project management, community outreach, and compelling storytelling to our team. Jenelle will be working to develop a comprehensive communications plan for Pioneer Square, and is excited to champion getting the word out about the great things happening in our neighborhood.

E-mail: Jenelle[AT]
Phone: (206) 667-0687 Ext. 105

Lisa Howard

Executive Director

As the team member with the most seniority, Lisa has worn many hats on behalf of Pioneer Square. In her current role as Chief Operating Officer of the Alliance, she oversees the brand, message, and marketing of the neighborhood; our internal systems from communication to finance; and steps into issues that need to be handled NOW. A true team and utility player, you will see her handling everything from board meetings to communication with City Council and the press.

E-mail: Lisa[AT]
Phone: (206) 667-0687 Ext. 102

Carl Leighty

Public Realm Manager

As the Public Realm Coordinator, Carl is on top of everything that makes Pioneer Square a walkable, vibrant neighborhood. From flower baskets to graffiti to landscaping and beyond, he’s getting it all done. Given the number of projects coming at us, Carl and Liz will be teaming and dividing all the work that is getting done to take advantage of our beautiful built environment.

E-mail: Carl[AT]
Phone: (206) 667-0687 Ext. 107

 Nikki Somers

Office Manager

Along with her deep liaisons in the neighborhood, Office Manager Nikki Somers brings organization and order to our team. Nikki manages our data, information, and financial systems. She’s part of our outreach to businesses, assists with events, and generally rolls up her sleeves and pitches in. Have a question? Chances are Nikki will have the answer.

E-mail: Nikki[AT]
Phone: (206) 667-0687 Ext. 104

Liz Stenning

Public Realm Director

Pioneer Square has an unprecedented number of projects impacting the public realm: reclaiming alleys, redesigning streets and parks, fixing curbs and medians, waterfront, parking, and bike lanes. All this and more are all-in-a-day’s work for Liz Stenning, our Public Realm Director. A friendly and familiar face in the neighborhood, Liz is all about ongoing improvements to our public realm from curb cuts to crosswalks.

E-mail: Liz[AT]
Phone: (206) 667-0687 Ext. 106

Karen True

Director of Business Development

Karen True is the Director of Business Development for the Alliance for Pioneer Square. In our neighborhood, her approach to business development is the secret sauce. Part retail recruitment, part matchmaker, full-time community builder. Need to find the right space? Want to try a new concept? Need help with the Preservation Board or the Department of Planning & Development? Karen is the answer to your prayers. We are building a community in Pioneer Square. This “community first” approach wouldn’t work for every commercial district, but it’s the right combination for Pioneer Square.

E-mail: Karen[AT]
Phone: (206) 667-0687 Ext. 103

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