Downtown Access & Mobility Study

Future center city transportation network

People and businesses are moving Downtown in greater numbers than we have seen in generations.  From tens-of-thousands of housing units to a new waterfront and a possible arena, this incoming development is on par with the scale of investment in an Olympics host city or Lower Manhattan.

To get a better idea of what type of changes this development will bring in the next ten years, Historic South Downtown teamed up with Seattle’s Department of Transportation and the Downtown Seattle Association to study the impacts on access and mobility.  Findings from phase one of this study resulted in three categories of recommendations: 1) construction hub coordination; 2) prioritization and coordination of major investments; and 3) best practices for construction impact mitigation in major cities.

To read more about phase one of this study or the recommendations, download the reports below:

Downtown Access Strategy Phase 1

Downtown Access Study Review



Don Blakeney

Historic South Downtown Board Member

Chinatown-International District Business Improvement Area

Moving the Historic Washington Street Boat Landing

Washington Street Boat Landing removal process
Steel beams are installed to temporarily support the structure.

The Washington Street Boat Landing pergola is in the process of being removed, protected, and restored in anticipation of the Elliott Bay Seawall project. The move is slated for Sunday, February 9th and Monday, February 10th.

Washington Street Boat Landing removal process
There is a rigorous documentation process in place to record every detail of the historic pergola.

The historic boat landing’s iron shelter was built in 1920, and is one of three pergolas in Pioneer Square. The Pioneer Square Preservation Board gave its Certificate of Approval to move the structure to a storage site on Terminal 25, thereby ensuring its safety during construction. After the Seawall Project is completed, the pergola will be moved back to its original site and will be restored. Overseeing the project is the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) under Section 106 MOA agreements.

Washington Street Boat Landing removal process
In part one of the move, the structure will slide off of the pier to the steel transfer beams that will support the structure during the move to Terminal 25.

From supervising project manager, Jessica Murphy, PE with SDOT: “Preparations for the relocation have been ongoing since early January 2014. Bracing of pergola walls, removal of the roof, lead abatement and other preparatory work has been performed under the oversight of Ron Wright, our architectural specialist. We are now in the final stages of preparation for the structure relocation to a site at Terminal 25. The move will happen in two steps: 1) The move eastward off the current pier structure, and 2) The final move south to Terminal 25.”

Steps have been taken to ensure restoration of the pergola will be historically accurate. Under the Section 106 MOA rules, a rigorous documenting process has been put in place and organizers are actively photographing and video recording every part of the structure that is removed.

This move and plans for restoration could not have come any sooner! In September 2012, the Alliance for Pioneer Square contacted SDOT about signs of deterioration on the historic boat landing. We look forward to see it renewed on a world class waterfront in the near future.

Deteriorating conditions at the historic boat landing

Seahawks Super Bowl Victory Parade – Wednesday February 5th

Parade route for the Seahawks Welcome Home celebration, February 5thCongratulations to SUPER BOWL XLVIII CHAMPION SEATTLE SEAHAWKS!

A Welcome Home Victory Celebration Parade is scheduled for 11:00am – 1:30pm Wednesday, February 5th, which is anticipated to have significant impact on traffic throughout the Seattle downtown area. Please be prepared for longer-than-average commute times and increased traffic and inform all downtown businesses with employees and guests who are at or coming downtown on Wednesday.

The parade starts on 4th Ave south of Denny Way and ends at Century Link Field.  Route map is attached.

How this will affect downtown residents, businesses, employees, guests, and visitors:

  • Estimated drive time could double, so plan ahead.
  • I-5 and SR-99 will be open all day.
  • Access points coming to and from the downtown core will be impacted during the parade.  Mercer St and Edgar Martinez Dr are suggested to be the best routes for I-5 waterfront access.
  • Expect bus delays and re-routes during the parade.  See Metro’s website for more information.

Support and messaging:

City and regional safety and security agencies are prepared for and will be supporting the parade and celebration.  The 12th Man is the best fan in the country and cares about the great Northwest.  The City of Seattle and the Seattle Seahawks encourage every fan to act responsibly before, during, and after the game.  The country’s eyes are upon us, let’s honor our team and take care to not do anything that would detract from their outstanding achievement.


Karl Stickel

Office of Economic Development

City of Seattle

Happy New Year from the Pioneer Square Business Improvement Area (PSBIA)!!

Existing BIA compared to Pioneer Square Historic District
This map shows the previous BIA boundaries compared to the larger proposed boundaries that encompass all of the Pioneer Square Historic District. City Council passed the expansion of the boundaries in 2013.

As many of you know, a huge effort was made in 2013 to expand the Pioneer Square Business Improvement Area (PSBIA) boundaries to match the Pioneer Square Historic District boundaries, and I’m pleased to say that effort was successful.  The result is that we have a bigger, better opportunity to make a positive impact on behalf of the people who work, live and play in the Pioneer Square neighborhood and to support the businesses in the neighborhood …  all very exciting stuff!

One of the best things about being in a Business Improvement Area (BIA) is that the money raised and all the efforts made are directed by the Ratepayers.  This creates an opportunity for Ratepayers to weigh in on what you think will make Pioneer Square a better place to work and do business.  We have a fantastic staff working on our behalf, a strong partner in the Alliance for Pioneer Square, and a great opportunity to make significant improvements to our neighborhood.

We are looking for PSBIA Ratepayers to step up and serve on the PSBIA Board of Directors.  We need a Board that adequately represents the various types businesses in the neighborhood, and we are looking for individuals with the energy, enthusiasm and vision to help make the neighborhood a better place to work and do business.  We have several very qualified people already volunteering, and if you are a Ratepayer and are interested in joining us we’d love to hear from you! Email bia[at] for information.

Thanks for your support, and here’s to a great 2014!

[button text=”BIA Ratepayer Board Application” title=”BIA Ratepayer Board Application” url=”” align=”left” target=”_self”]

Apply to be on the Pioneer Square Business Improvement Area Ratepayer Board. Download the BIA Ratepayer Board Application and email it to or send to 310 First Ave S, Ste 201, Seattle, WA 98104.


Barry Blanton, Blanton Turner

Pioneer Square Business Improvement Area Ratepayer Board Member