Project Map

The Alliance for Pioneer Square’s interactive Project Map displays up-to-date information on current and future public realm projects, business development news, and marketing and communications programming in the Pioneer Square neighborhood.

Marketing and Communications Mindset

Meet Jennie:

In her role as Communications Director at the Alliance for Pioneer Square, Jennie oversees the brand and marketing of the neighborhood.  Focusing on experiential design, authenticity, and intentionality, Jennie uses storytelling to highlight the people that make this neighborhood so unique – including the work of her Alliance team members.  From business openings to community meetings to construction updates, her job is to make sure the right information is out there engaging the right audience. 

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Nikki’s Neighborhood

Meet Nikki:

Along with her deep liaisons in the neighborhood, Office Manager Nikki Somers brings organization and order to our team. Nikki manages our data, information, and financial systems. She’s part of our outreach to businesses, assists with events, and generally rolls up her sleeves and pitches in. Have a question? Chances are Nikki will have the answer.

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Pioneer Square: Issues and Ideas

In April 2019, the Alliance for Pioneer Square contracted with PlaceEconomics to produce a report outlining the issues facing Pioneer Square’s urban environment and propose ideas that may be useful in responding to the issue identified. The report was funded by “Only in Seattle” grant from the City of Seattle Office of Economic Development to bring in Donovan Rypkema and Briana Grosicki from PlaceEconomics to talk to stakeholders, assess and articulate the issues, and offer ideas about possible next steps. PlaceEconomics are renowned experts in historic preservation and economics. Stakeholders included Alliance staff and board members, historic preservation experts, City staff, residents, developers, and property owners. The rehabilitation of historic buildings in Pioneer Square remains a challenging issue in our neighborhood. With successful renovations complete or underway in some buildings, others stand vacant as examples of “demolition by neglect”. We are committed to moving this work forward and it will be part of our strategic plan.

Read the report here.