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Parks and Gateways Cover imagePioneer Square Parks and Gateways Project

The Parks and Gateways Project is comprehensive study and action plan for Pioneer Square’s Parks and primary neighborhood entrances. The goal is to have a full system of parks and public spaces that are inspiring, active, and inclusive for all.


Pioneer Square’s parks fall short of meeting neighborhood needs. For years, our spaces have suffered from neglect and attracted unsavory behavior. Attempts by the City to mitigate unwanted behavior has resulted in the reduction or removal of seating and minimal softscape or other park amenities. As Pioneer Square transforms into a vibrant, historic neighborhood, our parks need a revamp that is just as transformative and vibrant.

The Parks and Gateways Project was grant funded in 2014 through the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods Large Project Neighborhood Matching Fund. Outreach and plan development occurred through 2015, and in April 2016 the Parks and Gateways Concept Plan was completed.

A significant, anonymous donation received at the end of 2016 continues plan development for two park spaces. The donation also funds immediate investments in Fortson Square to be determined through a process led by neighboring building tenants.

In 2017, schematic plans will be developed for Pioneer Park, and King Street Station Plaza, including the small space called Union Station Square across S Jackson Street from King Street Station. A steering committee of local constituents will vet ideas and hone these plans to respond to neighborhood needs.In addition to targeted neighborhood feedback, open houses are planned for July and September to gain further input.

Schematic level plans for the two focus areas of the project are expected to be complete by the end of 2017.



Read the full concept plan here!

Project Specific Resources:

Context – Description of project focus areas
City Hall Park Plan Board – Overview of City Hall Park opportunities and initial considerations
King Station Plan Board – Overview of King Street Station Plaza opportunities and initial considerations
Pioneer Square Park Boards – Overview of Pioneer Square Park opportunities and initial considerations
Pioneer Park Open House – Display boards from the Pioneer Park Open House on January 21st 2016

Additional Resources:

The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces – A film by William Holly Whyte analyzing human behavior in public spaces
The Porch at 5 years – A study of a successful programming effort at Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station

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