Retail Recruitment

The Alliance is committed to actively engaging businesses and supporting economic growth in the neighborhood. One such effort includes creating a retail vision for the neighborhood and expanding the mix of unique retail tenants in existing and emerging economic clusters. Efforts are underway to interview neighborhood stakeholders and understand the existing conditions. The developed retail vision will form a merchandise mix plan with recommendations of the ideal retail mix and combination that is most suitable for Pioneer Square. Over time the retail mix will change, supporting the success of the neighborhood. The Alliance is committed to maintaining this capacity within the neighborhood.

The Alliance has contracted with nationally recognized and local consultants from Downtown Works to implement a successful retail recruitment strategy to train local people to find and recruit independent retailers to the Pioneer Square neighborhood. Margaret McCauley, the Founder and Principal of Downtown Works is an expert at creating and implementing sustainable retail strategies that turn decaying urban zones into vibrant, vital downtowns. Ms. McCauley’s method combines quantitative data, such as demo- and psycho- graphics, with rigorous qualitative observation. Throughout her career, she has drawn on the resources and perspectives of retailers, private developers, corporations, urban planners, and design professionals to help her clients successfully transform their downtowns into dynamic environments.

Let’s work together to improve and expand the retail vitality of Pioneer Square.