Ride Free Area Update

From King County Metro:

In March, Metro Transit invited the community and stakeholders to comment on its implementation plan to end the Ride Free Area in downtown Seattle and transition to a pay-on-entry system.  These changes are scheduled to begin Sept. 29.

To date, we have received more than 400 comments by email, regular mail, phone, or online. Comments are still coming in, and we’d like to extend the deadline to Friday, April 13 to give everyone time to send in feedback on the options being considered for the implementation plan. These options address transit operations, customer communications, and mitigation for bus riders with little or no income. An outline of the options can be found in the attached PDF labeled “brochure.”

Comments can be submitted online: http://metro.kingcounty.gov/tops/bus/ride-free-area/changes.html

By phone: 206-296-7643 (English); 206-263-9988 (Spanish); or 206-263-9674 (Vietnamese)

By email: community.relations[at]kingcounty.gov

By regular mail: King County Department of Transportation Communications, 201 S. Jackson St., KSC-TR-0824, Seattle, WA 98104