Weekly Transportation Construction Coordination Update – February 1, 2013



– Jan 28 to Feb 17, 1st Ave will have full time lane restrictions between University St and Stewart St. Only one block is affected at a time. One lane southbound and two northbound will remain open.

–  Feb 1 – 3, the SR 520 Bridge will be closed between Montlake Blvd and I-405 from Friday night to Sunday morning.

– Feb 2 & 3, the S Jackson St and 12 Ave S intersection will be closed each day between 7AM-7PM.

– Beginning Feb 9, the Yesler Way and Broadway intersection will be closed for 21 days.


This update is also available on the SDOT Website: http://www.seattle.gov/transportation/constructionlookahead.htm

For a map of these events, visit: http://seattle.gov/travelers