Update to the Neighborhood – January 2015

FX McRory's has been in the neighborhood since 1977.
FX McRory’s has been in the neighborhood since 1977.

Happy New Year Everyone, let’s start the year with some appreciations.

We really appreciate all the BIA members who attended our annual meeting December 12th. It was great fun to call out our successes and look forward to strong initiatives for 2015. Because the press LOVES all the new businesses we decided to appreciate the long term businesses that have made Pioneer Square the great neighborhood that it is. We did a shout out (including gifts) to the folks in the room who had their businesses in the neighborhood the longest. Again, we want to acknowledge Craig Bunker of Nordic Cold Storage, Adam Hasson of SAMIS Land Foundation, Phen Huang of the Foster White Gallery and Mick McHugh of FX McRory’s. Thanks for your years of commitment to the neighborhood.

We also appreciate all the retailers and shoppers who supported our retail promotion during December. We certainly hope that you all took advantage of the season to visit our local offerings both old and new.

What to expect in 2015.

  • More work on street civility and public safety, including emphasis patrols funded by the BIA
  • More business development
  • Lots going on in the public realm
    • Developing a Design Framework for Streetscapes
    • Developing a Concept Plan for our Parks and Gateways
    • Partnering with DSA and Friends of Waterfront Seattle to activate Occidental Park
    • More Trail to Treasure
  • And of course there is even more construction, prepare yourself for changes in parking and traffic patterns, we will continue to work with the city, county, state, and developers to keep you informed
  • And finally, continuing to improve our communication systems to bring you information that you need and want.

Stay tuned, get involved, and have a lovely month. See you in the neighborhood.


Leslie Smith
Executive Director
Alliance for Pioneer Square