Pioneer Square in Full Bloom

It’s finally May! Leaves are sprouting, flowers are beginning to bloom, and outdoor seating at our local eateries will quickly become a hot commodity. It’s also when summer flower baskets are installed by Marshall Walton Design Group! Over 400 of them will grace our historic neighborhood, on buildings and on streetlight poles.

The Pioneer Square flower baskets have been an institution to the neighborhood since the 1970’s when they first appeared in force.  Since the 1980’s the program has grown from requiring just 1 part time employee to today where 3 full time workers are required to fulfill all of these baskets’ watering and care needs; not to mention the multiple greenhouses where they grow for almost half the year before being hung in late May. The program has grown from a small project to a full scale operation! Every year, inquiries come to Marshall from across the U.S. from cities and communities interested in creating the same program and ambiance in their places.

If you are interested in siting flower baskets on your building, reach out to the wonderful Marshall Walton at Marshall Walton Design Group.  Even though it is too late to get baskets for this year, he can help you prepare for next year.

We at the Alliance, as a flower basket purchaser ourselves, would like to give a huge thank you to all of the businesses and building owners who purchase flower baskets in order to add beauty to our community every year. And if you see one of the great guys out watering and caring for the flower baskets, make sure to give them a nod and say thank you, as well.