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Meet Lisa:

Lisa has worn many hats on behalf of Pioneer Square. In her current role as Executive Director of the Alliance, she leads a collaborative team focused on business development, advocacy, marketing and public realm improvements. Lisa uses her strong relationships with city leaders and key organizations to advocate for the neighborhood and the issues that impact Pioneer Square at the city, county, and state levels. She tackles everything from long term goals and planning to every day issues.

Union Station:

Union Station, located at South Jackson Street and 4th Avenue in Pioneer Square, exemplifies the grandeur of passenger trains that served the city.   At one time Seattle was served by two large stations; Union Station (owned by Union Pacific and later shared by the Milwaukee Road) and King Street Station, the property of Great Northern and Northern Pacific. Today, only King Street Station hosts trains for commuter and long-distance rail travel.  While Union Station’s main terminal survives today, it no longer functions in its original capacity with the staging tracks and platforms long since buried under redevelopment following Union Pacific’s departure in the early 1970s.  The historic structure underwent a multi-million dollar restoration project completed in 1999 returning the building to its original splendor. Union Station now houses the headquarters of Sound Transit. The Great Hall in Union Station is open to the public from 9a-5p, Monday through Friday. (History Link, Wikipedia)

Lisa this week:

This week, Lisa is focusing on the Alliance for Pioneer Square’s 2025 Strategic Planning process. “Updating the strategic plan affords our community and our organization to take a fresh look at the Alliance for Pioneer Square’s book of work from a 30,000 foot view,” Lisa observes, “because Pioneer Square, like the rest of Seattle, is changing.” Lisa emphasizes the importance of taking time to intentionally see what issues and opportunities are approaching the neighborhood community in the long term. Pioneer Square is anticipating many changes in the next five years. To name a few, the neighborhood will see improved East/West pedestrian connections from the waterfront into Pioneer Square, expanded transportation options through the Center City Connector and regional light rail extensions, and most immediately a re-connection of the neighborhood to the waterfront following the demolition of the Alaskan Way Viaduct.

Lisa places community involvement in the 2025 strategic planning as an essential component to the success of the overall process. “We want to continue to build a shared vision through widely engaging our diverse stakeholder base,” Lisa states while further outlining the planning process. Lisa’s history working with the Alliance for Pioneer Square lends exceptional organizational knowledge to this process. Lisa’s first strategic planning process for the Pioneer Square neighborhood took place during the dissolution of the Pioneer Square Community Association and formation of the Alliance for Pioneer Square. “During that time we worked to create a vision, now we are trying to build upon the organization and neighborhood’s success,” Lisa reflects. “We are seeing what is working for the neighborhood and plan for the future, because we have learned a lot in the past five years. That knowledge will allow us to take Pioneer Square into the next five years, while maintaining the authenticity and character of the neighborhood.”

The Alliance for Pioneer Square is seeking input during our 2025 Strategic Planning process. We’d love for your to share your thoughts!

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