Supporting Seattle’s Original Neighborhood

Thank you for being one of our most ardent supporters. People like you help us to strengthen, preserve, and promote the amazing assets that the Pioneer Square neighborhood provides to Seattle residents and visitors alike. We wholeheartedly believe Pioneer Square is an amazing and unique place in which to live, work, and visit; and we’re thrilled that you recognize that as well.

The Alliance for Pioneer Square works to preserve what makes Pioneer Square the most authentic, engaging, and neighborhood in Seattle.

We serve as a full-time advocate, resource, and champion for the whole neighborhood. The Alliance is on the forefront of vital conversations impacting our district.  We continue to work alongside the neighborhood business districts to urge the city for robust community engagement, critical support, and action around economic development, public safety, and a cohesive public realm. 

The Alliance is committed to upholding Pioneer Square’s economic recovery and facilitating future growth. We are dedicated to implementing programs that spur the neighborhood through the COVID-19 pandemic into a future abundant with public and private  investments. We are not backing down from this once-in-a-lifetime challenge. Using Your Pioneer Square: 2025 Strategic Plan and COVID-19 Pandemic Response Plan, we have a roadmap to advance district economic vitality and diversity, build upon community connection and resilience, and advocate for fixes to systemic issues the pandemic exposed. Our businesses need us, and the support of the community, now more than ever.

We connect and steward Pioneer Square. We are dedicated to implementing programs to sustain the neighborhood economy, communities, culture and public spaces through the pandemic and ongoing recovery. In the past 12 months, we immediately adapted and successfully integrated the following into our efforts to serve our community:

  • Created a Small Business Support Program, fundraised $170,000 for direct business assistance to support online e-commerce efforts.
  • Collected and distributed over 150 COVID-19 retail kits to ground floor businesses to provide essential resources required to remain open to foot traffic.
  • Funded and coordinated the Pioneer Square Mural Project, featuring over 40 unique murals in the district to ensure a vibrant public realm.
  • Developed and implemented the #SupportPSQ campaign, a diverse, multi-channel advertising strategy and a Shop Local site featuring over 100 retailers and restaurants to promote neighborhood discovery and revenue.
  • Expanded our Business Technical Assistance program, assisted businesses navigating a new reality through one-on-one support, and supplemented existing trainings with a digital skills workshop series.
  • Allocated funds to property owners through the Alley Lighting Matching Fund to leverage their investment for eight alley lighting improvement projects.
  • Continued advocacy efforts with city-wide partners for an interconnected public transportation network to connect our neighborhood to the region.
  • Released Your Pioneer Square: 2025 Strategic Plan and COVID-19 Pandemic Response Plan to direct our focus for the next five years as the neighborhood navigates large-scale infrastructure projects and responds to everyday challenges.

Please consider a gift to the Alliance for Pioneer Square, and help us to ensure Pioneer Square remains a strong, vibrant neighborhood. We cannot do it without you.

Your Gift

Your generous support is critical to our success and allows us to continue our work, making this the best neighborhood in Seattle. The Alliance for Pioneer Square is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and your contribution is tax deductible. Please consider a gift to the Alliance for Pioneer Square by clicking here or send your gift to: Alliance for Pioneer Square, PO Box 4507, Seattle, WA 98194.

Where Does Our Money Come From And What Do We Do With It?

The annual budget of the Alliance for Pioneer Square is $1.24M, with approximately 12% of the income a result of generous donations from supporters like you.

The work of the Alliance for Pioneer Square supports the preservation of the Pioneer Square Historic District by building upon the historic assets to create a vibrant and relevant neighborhood, preventing neglect and disrepair.  

Thank you for your support!

What the Community is Saying About Us

Yasuaki Saito, General Manager, The London Plane

“I would like to acknowledge that we are on the traditional land of the first people of Seattle, the Duwamish People past and present and honor with gratitude the land itself and the Duwamish Tribe.

For the past eight+ years, the London Plane has endeavored to be a cornerstone of Pioneer Square, as a member of Seattle’s oldest & most resilient neighborhood. along with our neighbors, fellow stakeholders & small business peers, we have been steadfast in both supporting one another & collectively working on building community together. We have been aided in our efforts by the advocacy & outreach from the Alliance, in matters of policy & process. During the pandemic, this togetherness & supportiveness has been on display in an inspiring way. we have worked in unison on outdoor seating permits, pop-up markets, neighborhood wide initiatives, educational seminars & public realm training. even as we reel from the deep impact of Covid-19 on our communities, the marginalized most among us, our foundation of holding each other up has not been shaken.”

Tija Petrovich / Pioneer Square Resident + Former Pioneer Square Business Owner

“The Alliance for Pioneer Square is an incredible addition to our neighborhood. As someone who has been a part of Pioneer Square since 1984, I’ve seen first hand how The Alliance strongly believes in growth–understanding that residents and business owners bring an important, informed voice to the table. While we’ve all faced many challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, I’m proud of the work The Alliance has done to not only keep local business owners and residents informed, but to also to allow us to remain part of the conversation.”

Aaron Barthel, Owner, Intrigue Chocolate Co.

“The Alliance for Pioneer Square is a crucial asset to our community. Contracted by our BIA, paid for by local businesses, the staff at the Alliance work tirelessly on behalf of businesses and residents alike. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they created and distributed “re-opening kits” so that small businesses didn’t have to research and purchase the basic items necessary for customer safety. Weekly updates about the crisis during the early days helped keep everyone sort through all the information. In large part due to Alliance advocacy on this and so many other issues, Pioneer Square feels poised for recovery. We’re thankful to be in one of the few neighborhoods with such robust connections.”