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Curb Ramps on Yesler!

Curb Ramp Before After
ADA Improvements Continue

We’re happy to report on two new curb ramps on Yesler Way between 2nd and 3rd Avenues, right outside the Pioneer Square Link station entrance. For the longest time, there has been a mid-block crosswalk at this location, with no accessible way to get across for people with disabilities. What’s even more exciting is that these curb ramps were installed with cast iron truncated domes (those pads with all the little bumps before you enter the street). The cast iron meets ADA requirements and fits in with the look and feel of Pioneer Square. This work was requested by the Alliance for Pioneer Square and funded by the Seattle Department of Transportation’s Neighborhood Street Fund (which funds community requested transportation projects). Additional funding for the curb ramp design came from a federal grant which is funding more curb ramps for 2017 construction.

  1. Do those curb pads help people in any way? I know that a lot of curbs have them and they are very helpful if you are riding a bike or walking because you don’t have to pop yourself over the curb. There are some curbs nowadays that are slanted to make it easier to climb over them. I like those better because the car can be on that or easily ride up it.

  2. Hi Charles- Thanks for reaching out. In this case the ramps were installed to make it easier for pedestrians, people with disabilities and delivery people to cross the street. The pads with the bumps serve as an identifier for people with vision imparities.

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