Public Realm

An unprecedented number of transit and development projects are impacting Pioneer Square’s public realm. The Alliance works to coordinate these projects and efforts to create active public spaces with connected transit, streets, and parks.

Pioneer Square sits in one of the busiest transit hubs on the West Coast, where thousands of people pass through daily, many on foot. Promoting pedestrian safety and access for everyone includes efforts to fix curb ramps, broken sidewalks, maintain crosswalks and report broken street lights and infrastructure. Recognizing that many people drive into the Square, we’re working with state and city agencies to manage parking supply and encourage drivers to park in low-rate garages.

We work on a number of standalone beautification efforts including coordinating the summer flower baskets, street tree trimming, and the annual Spring Clean. We report illegal dumping and graffiti, but also take the next step to work with the City and community partners to find creative solutions to address ongoing problems like these.

While we do a lot to “fix” existing issues, we work to create and add elements to the existing streetscape that enriches the user experience in Pioneer Square.  Enhancing our public spaces ranges from reclaiming alleyways, redesigning streets and parks, installing bike racks, and developing historic interpretive signs.