Public Space Information and Resources

Public Space Reporting

  • The Metropolitan Improvement District (MID) funded Clean Team is currently providing cleaning services limited to :
    • Trash removal from sidewalks, alleys and curb edges
    • Quick-response animal and human waste cleanup
    • Syringe removal
    • Alley cleaning

You can request MID services online by filling out the  Clean Team Service Request Form or by calling the following numbers:

  • MID Clean & Safe number: 206-441-3303
  • MID Outreach number: 206-973-1835
  • The “Find It, Fix It” app allows users to report selected issues to the City of Seattle, including abandoned vehicles, clogged storm drains, graffiti and illegal dumping. Once downloaded, report an issue in the app by submitting a photo with detailed information and using the map’s “drag and drop” feature to pinpoint the location. For more information and a full list of service request categories, visit the city’s customer service bureau website.

Pioneer Square Preservation District

Pioneer Square is a nationally recognized historic district and a local preservation district. This means the neighborhood is protected by an ordinance and design guidelines that help preserve the unique historic and architectural character of the neighborhood. The City of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods manages the Pioneer Square Preservation District as part of the Historic Preservation Program.  Any of the following changes to the district require a Certificate of Approval from the Pioneer Square Preservation Board. Check out this Guide to Acing the Certificate of Approval Process. Applications can be submitted online (this how-to-video can help you get started).

  • Any change to the outside of any building or structure.
  • Installation of any new sign or change to any existing sign.
  • Installation of a new awning or canopy.
  • Any change to an interior that affects the exterior.
  • New addition, construction, and/or remodel.
  • Proposed new principal use of any structure, or space and any change of use after initial approval.
  • Any change in a public right-of-way or other public spaces, including parks and sidewalks.
  • Demolition of any building or structure.
  • Exterior painting.

How Can We Help?

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) has relaxed some of its rules on conducting business in the sidewalk and street space. To support our neighborhood businesses, The Alliance for Pioneer Square is here to help business owners and managers take advantage of these changes with information and resources including:

  • Navigating the permit process
  • Gathering neighbor support
  • Acquiring barricades and seating
  • Outreach to local shoppers/diners

Learn more by contacting