Leadership and Advocacy

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The Alliance for Pioneer Square strives to build Pioneer Square’s organizational development and advocacy capacity through:

  • Supporting safety and public civility improvement efforts
  • Participating in and advocating for transportation, utilities, and other infrastructure improvements
  • Continuously developing neighborhood capacity for leadership and engagement.


The Alliance for Pioneer Square advocates to increase positive impacts on Pioneer Square during public and private partnerships. The Alliance for Pioneer Square works collaboratively with the neighborhood and other stakeholders to mitigate the impacts of transportation, infrastructure, and construction projects in the Pioneer Square. The Alliance for Pioneer Square also leverages the benefits and opportunities of our location as a comprehensive transportation hub. The Alliance for Pioneer Square seeks to protect and promote a universally accessible, pedestrian-first environment. 

Report Street Repair Request: Contact SDOT at 206-684-ROAD to report any street repair needs.


The Alliance for Pioneer Square works with the Alliance Board, Pioneer Square BIA Stakeholder Board, Pioneer Square Residents Council, business owners, and other volunteers to build strong community engagement and participation.