One Big Reason to GiveBIG to the Alliance on May 6th

GiveBIG to the Alliance on May 6th!

The Seattle Foundation’s annual day of charitable giving – GiveBIG – is on Tuesday, May 6, 2014. If you plan to make a donation to the Alliance for Pioneer Square this year, please give on May 6th to make your donation stretch further. Any donations made through the Seattle Foundation’s website during this 24-hour period (May 6th, midnight to midnight) will be matched by a percentage of a stretch pool fund. That’s right; your donation during GiveBIG will be matched by stretch dollars! Bookmark our donation page on the Seattle Foundation website!

But why should I give to the Alliance for Pioneer Square, you might ask? If there is one reason to give to the Alliance, it’s this:

We are making progress.

Twenty-six new stores and restaurants have opened in Pioneer Square in 2013. Many of these new restaurants have been featured in the Puget Sound Business Journal, Seattle Met, Seattle Magazine, the New York Times, Bon Appetit, and GQ. There is a lot behind this transformation but the story of  Pioneer Square is beginning to change, thanks in part to our advocacy, business development, marketing, and promotion of the neighborhood. Local media is calling us the burgeoning new hot spot of Seattle, while our work and partnerships in the built environment and public safety realm continues to move forward. We can’t stop now! Revitalizing Seattle’s historic neighborhood needs your help. Support progress in Pioneer Square by giving big on May 6th.


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