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Business Improvement Area

The oldest Business Improvement Area in the city, the businesses of the Pioneer Square BIA fund beautification, marketing and promotion, and support to the Alliance for neighborhood advocacy and activation.

What is the Pioneer Square Business Improvement Area?

Business Improvement Areas (BIAs) are special assessment districts that are established to revitalize and enhance neighborhood business districts. The BIA is a self-help mechanism whereby Pioneer Square business owners choose to assess themselves. The oldest BIA within the City of Seattle, the Pioneer Square BIA was formed as a local business community effort to remain competitive in the marketplace. BIA’s include programs and services such as parking, marketing, beautification, security, and public area maintenance. The legal authority for the establishment and management of BIAs is set forth in the Revised Code of Washington (RCW) Chapter 35.87A and Seattle City Ordinance 111244. Each BIA is required to have a ratepayer advisory board made up of ratepayers within the BIA district who are in good standing. :

The Advisory Board officers and members shall be current ratepayers representing the various business classes and geographic diversity of the district. Each Advisory Board shall:

  • Represent the body of ratepayers in giving guidance to the BIA manager and/or management agency about programs.
  • Adopt its own bylaws governing its operation. Bylaws shall outline the role and purpose of the board, operations of the Board: selection and term of Board members, selection of officers, meetings, grievance resolution and any bylaw amendments.
  • Appoint officers
  • Sponsor an annual meeting, to approve the following year’s work program and budget, elect officers and members to the Advisory Board, and review and approve the recommendation of the Advisory Board in relation to professional management of the BIA program.
  • Hold regular meetings, which shall be open to the public; and
  • Investigate and respond to all ratepayer issues, concerns and complaints regarding the BIA

The City of Seattle Department of Facilities and Administrative Services (FAS) is responsible for developing BIA policies and setting the overall BIA program direction. Once a BIA is adopted by City Council, FAS is responsible for negotiating a management contract with the manager or management entity selected by the advisory board to run the BIA. FAS is responsible for ensuring that the manager or management entity completes all the provisions of the contract signed with the City of Seattle. FAS is responsible for the revenue collection and disbursement of funds, including preparing and distributing all assessment forms to business and/or property owners, collecting all assessment funds, depositing those funds in the BIA Fund Account in the City Treasurer’s office and reimbursing BIAs for eligible expenses.

Who manages the Pioneer Square Business Improvement Area?

The Alliance for Pioneer Square.

What is happening in 2014?

2014 programs primarily include neighborhood advocacy, beautification, and promotion. BIA resources are used to fund activities that directly support ratepayers and in support of activities that will benefit the entire neighborhood. Where activities support the entire neighborhood the Alliance garners additional revenue from corporate underwriting, grants, mitigation and fund raising.

What are the activities planned for 2014?


First avenue median repairs

First Thursday promotion

Flower baskets

Holiday and retail promotion

Neighborhood advertising and promotion

Pioneer Square Map & Guide

Pioneer Square website (

Retail Recruitment

Pioneer Square BIA Interim* Board Members

Barry Blanton – Blanton Turner – Professional Services
Mike Klotz – Delicatus & The Kitchen – Restaurant, Bar, Event Space, Winery
Roger Ottenbach – Cutty Sark Nautical Antiques – Retail
Stanley Hainsworth – Tether Inc. – Design/Creative
Hugh Holman – Formerly Marcus’s Martini Heaven Nightlife (Will serve during transition only)
Jeff Lilly – Union Gospel Mission – Human Services, E side of new boundary
Paul McKee – Tashiro Kaplan Artists Building – Studios & galleries, E side of new boundary
Grant Wojahn – Quote Wizard – On-line Professional Services
Adam Hasson – SAMIS – Property Owner, NE part of new boundary
Marilyn Brockman – Bassetti Architects – Architects, NW part of new boundary
Leila Kirske – EMC Isilon – Tech, S part of new boundary
Gerry Lamontagne – Courtyard by Marriott – Hotels, NE part of new boundary

*The Interim Board will elect a permanent board during the first quarter of 2014. Business representative interested in serving on the permanent board should email The permanent board will be reflective of the industries and geographical boundaries of the new Pioneer Square Business Improvement Area

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