ED Talks COVID-19, Alliance Response Strategy and Pioneer Square Resilience

Meet Lisa:

Lisa is the Executive Director at the Alliance for Pioneer Square, leading the Alliance team’s collaborative efforts and response strategy to the ongoing public health crisis. As events have continued to unfold over the last few months, Lisa has continued to advocate for the neighborhood and the issues that impact Pioneer Square at the city, county, and state levels. 

Pioneer Square COVID-19 Response Plan

The Alliance for Pioneer Square is working relentlessly to provide guidance and support to the Pioneer Square community and continues to work to ensure recovery for the historic district. Before the pandemic hit, the Alliance was dedicated to help preserve what makes Pioneer Square the most authentic, engaging and dynamic neighborhood in Seattle, by effectively implementing programs in the following areas: business development, communications and marketing, advocacy, public realm, and leadership. 

“Our mission is still true today,” Lisa states, “Pioneer Square was built on grit and intention – over time people here have demonstrated their ability to face challenges head on and overcome adversity. 2020 is no different. The resiliency and response we have seen since COVID-19 hit is apparent across industries and stakeholders in Pioneer Square.”

While many organizations are focusing on the public health crisis, the Alliance continues to focus on the economic effects on Pioneer Square as the neighborhood continues to experience impacts due to the spread of the virus and as a result of Washington’s Stay home Stay healthy emergency order. With an intentional shift to address the growing impact of COVID-19, the Alliance put together a response plan with the goal of minimizing permanent business closures in the Pioneer Square Historic District through communications and marketing, business development, advocacy and post-event planning.

The Alliance for Pioneer Square’s focus is ensuring various resources are made readily available to the community in a timely manner to help businesses and residents navigate this difficult period. The five main areas of response programming efforts include: 

  • Communication of resources;
  • Creation of a neighborhood marketplace for businesses to drive revenue online;
  • #SupportPSQ online marketing campaign;
  • Robust temporary mural project in partnership with the Pioneer Square Resident’ Council
  • And, community building efforts through online networking

In closing, Lisa states, “It’s important to maintain the foundation that makes Pioneer Square special; being able to welcome diverse populations and competing needs, a critical mass of small businesses, and the unbreakable entrepreneurial spirit that completes the neighborhood.”  

The Alliance team remains focused on minimizing the impact of COVID-19 on the neighborhood and stakeholders of the neighborhood. As the neighborhood continues to experience change during this dynamic time, the Alliance for Pioneer Square is committed to ensuring that the Pioneer Square community is ready to navigate this period collectively, with the right information and resources. “We will get through this together as a community and our businesses are a big part of that.”