Monthly Staff Feature: Anahí Bendeck, Design and Planning Manager

This month, we sat down with Anahí Bendeck, Design and Planning Manager for the Alliance for Pioneer Square. Anahí manages the design, planning, and implementation of public realm projects in the neighborhood. Additionally, she fosters and strengthens partner relationships, which are critical to the success of the projects and programs that further the Alliance’s mission.

Anahí talks to us about her first few weeks with the Alliance and what she’s looking forward in the coming months.

Can you provide us a summary of your role and its responsibilities?

As the Design and Planning Manager, I serve as lead in the maintenance and execution of public realm programs and projects in the neighborhood. I will be leading infrastructure maintenance efforts for efforts such as the summer flower baskets and the long-standing banners around the neighborhood, supporting APS leadership and lead long-term planning projects, staffing community-led projects in the right of way, and leading our streetscape improvement program. Another significant responsibility in my role is to continue to foster and strengthen relationships with stakeholders and partners to further the goals and vision of the Pioneer Square neighborhood.

Could you tell us a little about yourself? What made you want to work with the Alliance?

Born and raised in Honduras, I have lived in the United States for almost 12 years – nine of them in Austin, Texas and the last three in Seattle. With over eight years of experience in urban planning and design, and huge passion for neighborhood and business district revitalization, I was excited to see how the Alliance’s work continues to successfully enhance and revitalize the Pioneer Square neighborhood through both minor and major interventions, while at the same time prioritizing the preservation of its history, architecture, and culture. I was also incredibly impressed with the Alliance team, their diversity in expertise, and everything they have accomplished throughout the years.

What projects or programs are you most excited to work on in the coming weeks or months?

As the holidays approach, I am excited to support the planning and execution of the holiday lighting and décor installation in the neighborhood, specifically in Pioneer Park.

Having moved to the Seattle area three years ago, what has interested or surprised you the most about the Pioneer Square neighborhood?

I’ve been so delighted and impressed with the diversity of services, activities, and activation throughout the neighborhood. You can really spend the whole day here – you can have brunch, attend a sporting event, participate in art walks, visit galleries, grab a drink or coffee, do some shopping, among so much more. Whether you’re going on a girl’s night out or taking out the family for a fun afternoon, Pioneer Square has it all.

With fall and winter just on the horizon, do you have any neighborhood recommendations for visitors in the upcoming seasons?

I’m excited for people to experience the Fall Harvest Market on October 22nd and the Pioneer Square Holiday Market on December 8th and 9th! These two events are an opportunity for visitors to engage with many local vendors selling homemade goods, crafts, and treats. It is also always exciting to attend a Seahawks game after grabbing a bite or something to drink in the neighborhood!