Walking Audit Identifies Opportunities in PSQ

Walking audit

Two years ago more than 40 people – residents, businesses, property owners and city staff gathered in Occidental Park. Our goal: to understand what make Pioneer Square a great place and to identify the opportunities to make it better. You came up with a list then, and ISI, working with the Alliance, has brought in more than $1 million to make those changes.

So, we plan to repeat our success, with the help of Feet First, the Alliance and you at the annual Spring Clean, to see how our neighborhood has improved and where we still need improvement. We’ll set out on routes with map, clipboards and cameras to cover nearly all of Pioneer Square.

Your work is all the more important now. Pioneer Square faces major construction projects ranging from the Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement Project to the First Hill Streetcar. Your work will help us get things put back in better shape than when all the digging started.  We’re thinking active public spaces, an integrated transit system and a network of streets, parks and alleys that make people want to wander through the Square and its shops all day long.

Learn more about the Pioneer Square Active Streets Strategy. With the help of the Strategy we have a guide for thinking carefully about how to get full value of these investments to make a vibrant place for everyone.

Are you a keen observer of streets, sidewalks and alleys? Do you notice a freshly painted crosswalk, confusing pedestrian signage or missing curb ramps? Are you interested in making Pioneer Square more appealing? You could be part of the International Sustainability Institute’s audit of Pioneer Square’s streets, sidewalks and alleys to help us update our list of infrastructure improvements. Sign up for this or many other activities during the Pioneer Square Spring Clean on Saturday, April 19th.


Liz Stenning

ISI/Alliance for Pioneer Square

Business & Community Development Update – April 2014

Kristen-Honeycutt-Photo-Co_karensquare_smallI don’t have much to add since last week’s blog, but I’d like to mention briefly a couple of opportunities that remind me why Pioneer Square is such an extraordinary neighborhood:

The Spring Clean on Saturday, April 19 is an opportunity for everyone to roll up their sleeves to work side-by-side to make our neighborhood shine. Business owners, property owners, people who work in the neighborhood, people who live in the neighborhood, and people who love the neighborhood all have a vested interest in Pioneer Square. Behind-the-scenes planning has been underway for weeks so the event will be organized. We’ll accomplish a great deal in a short period of time. It’s going to make you feel great about being part of Pioneer Square AND you’ll get a great t-shirt. Sign up here.

4Culture’s annual LANDMARKS CAPITAL application period is now open.  The deadline for submittal of online applications is Wednesday, May 14.  Owners or long-term tenants of individual Seattle landmarks and contributing buildings in landmark districts are eligible to apply.  Any type of ownership, whether private, public, or non-profit, qualifies. The funding range this year remains at $3,000 to $30,000.  There is no longer a cash match requirement, although some level of owner cost share is encouraged.  Grants are reimbursable, and work items completed prior to award notification are not eligible costs.  Please help us spread the word. Landmarks Capital Applications are due May 14. For more information, contact Flo Lentz at 4Culture.



Director of Business Development


Reynolds Work Release residents volunteer for Pioneer Square Spring Clean

Reynolds Work Release residents volunteer for the Pioneer Square Spring CleanThe residents at Reynolds Work Release located at 410 4th Avenue in Seattle are excited to participate in the upcoming Spring Clean-Up in Pioneer Square! The program at Reynolds encourages all residents to take pride in their surrounding community and lend a hand to the neighborhood. Reynolds Work Release helps offenders with a successful transition from prison back into their community with an array of services focused on finding and retaining employment, reconnecting with families, overcoming substance abuse and other issues, and becoming productive members of society. The program is operated by Pioneer Human Services, an entrepreneurial human service organization that provides a chance for change to people overcoming the challenges of substance abuse and criminal histories by offering treatment, housing and employment. Please go to our website if you would like additional information.

Reynolds Work Release is also seeking volunteers for two of our programs. We need one volunteer to assist in our clothing closet project on a weekly basis, and a couple of volunteers to assist with a resident game night once a month.

Reynolds Work Release residents are also looking for opportunities to volunteer in the community and to contribute by lending a hand to support approved community efforts.  Please contact the following for more information: Lori Linenko, Director, 206-464-6320 | Lori.Linenko@p-h-s.com


Lori Linenko

Director, Reynolds Work Release