Reynolds Work Release residents volunteer for Pioneer Square Spring Clean

Reynolds Work Release residents volunteer for the Pioneer Square Spring CleanThe residents at Reynolds Work Release located at 410 4th Avenue in Seattle are excited to participate in the upcoming Spring Clean-Up in Pioneer Square! The program at Reynolds encourages all residents to take pride in their surrounding community and lend a hand to the neighborhood. Reynolds Work Release helps offenders with a successful transition from prison back into their community with an array of services focused on finding and retaining employment, reconnecting with families, overcoming substance abuse and other issues, and becoming productive members of society. The program is operated by Pioneer Human Services, an entrepreneurial human service organization that provides a chance for change to people overcoming the challenges of substance abuse and criminal histories by offering treatment, housing and employment. Please go to our website if you would like additional information.

Reynolds Work Release is also seeking volunteers for two of our programs. We need one volunteer to assist in our clothing closet project on a weekly basis, and a couple of volunteers to assist with a resident game night once a month.

Reynolds Work Release residents are also looking for opportunities to volunteer in the community and to contribute by lending a hand to support approved community efforts.  Please contact the following for more information: Lori Linenko, Director, 206-464-6320 |


Lori Linenko

Director, Reynolds Work Release