Thank you to all of our volunteers for helping with the Pioneer Square Spring Clean!

The 4th Annual Pioneer Square Spring Clean was a great success thanks to over 150 volunteers who showed up at Occidental Park on Saturday morning, June 2nd. Volunteers came to Pioneer Square to remove graffiti, pick up litter, weed tree wells, stencil storm drains, mulch street medians, and plant pallet gardens for the neighborhood. So many volunteers and organizations made this happen, we couldn’t have done it without them!

Special shoutouts to all the teams who came and conquered those disheveled medians, tree wells, and littered streets! Thanks to Cleanscapes for picking up and disposing of the mulch bags.

Special thanks to SDOT crewmembers Darren, Gary, Cliserio, Christina, Humberto, Kim, and Paul for helping with road closures, coordination, and supplying mulch and tools. Thanks to Trade Craft Builders and Stadium Place for also loaning many of the tools.

And thank you to Weirdo for the t-shirt design, Starbucks for the coffee, and Ivar’s for the clam chowder lunch! Their donations have made this year’s neighborhood cleaning event extra special.

The Alliance for Pioneer Square is proud to organize this yearly community event in cooperation with the International Sustainability Institute. The Spring Clean is part of our ongoing mission to better Pioneer Square through advocacy, programming, marketing, and community action. Learn more about us at and stay up to date on the neighborhood at