Marketing and Communications Mindset

Meet Chris:

Chris implements the Alliance for Pioneer Square’s marketing and communication strategy. Chris utilizes a diversity and equity lens to tell the Pioneer Square community’s story through various digital and print communication channels. Chris honors the authenticity that Pioneer Square exudes by finding innovative approaches to amplify the neighborhood’s ethos.

Our Neighborhood:

Chris is pictured out in the Pioneer Square neighborhood during his routine weekly distribution of the Alliance for Pioneer Square print materials. “I grew up outside of Springfield, IL where I find a lot of similarities with Pioneer Square,” Chris comments on the connection between his hometown and the neighborhood. “Both areas have a rich history which is represented through vintage buildings and a vibrant past.” The relation does not end with architecture and history- “both spaces foster a sense of community,” Chris explains. “Springfield is by no means a big city like Seattle so folks know one another. To me, Pioneer Square exudes the same energy. Almost every time I am out of the office in the neighborhood, I stop to chat with someone I know.”

Chris this week:

This week, Chris is excited for the arrival of the 2019-2020 Pioneer Square Neighborhood Map and Guide. The Neighborhood Map and Guide is Chris’ first major project as Marketing Manager for the Alliance for Pioneer Square. “It’s really exciting to see my first project come to fruition,” comments Chris as he thumbs through the newest map and guide, “I’m really glad how it turned out.” The Alliance for Pioneer Square collaborated with long time partner Total Creative Inc. for the design of the Map and Guide, with printing being completed by Consolidated Press.

The Neighborhood Map and Guide is the Alliance for Pioneer Square’s most outward facing print marketing material. The Map and Guide is distributed not only throughout the Pioneer Square neighborhood, but also in key Seattle tourism hubs, such as ferry and cruise terminals. “Each Friday, folks in the neighborhood will see me visiting locations throughout Pioneer Square to refill Map and Guide stacks,” Chris says outlining his weekly distribution routine. Chris notes that he “really enjoy[s] walking the neighborhood and seeing the neighborhood’s familiar faces as I am out and about. I have the opportunity to check in with businesses owners and staff about how their week has been. I’ve always loved one-on-one conversations and distributing the Map and Guide easily facilitates that type of interaction.”

The Pioneer Square Map and Guide serves as resources for neighborhood residents, business folks, and visitors alike. “I get really excited when I see a stack of Map and Guides hosted in a new place. That means someone in Pioneer Square is discovering one of the many, many wonderful gems in the neighborhood,” Chris states. Map and Guides are hosted in a diverse range of organizations throughout Pioneer Square, including art galleries, restaurants, retail stores, tour services, and more. The 2019-2020 Pioneer Square Neighborhood Map and Guide can be found online here. If you are interested in hosting the 2019-2020 Neighborhood Map and Guide at your organization, please reach out to Chris.